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Funk Out Decor

When your schedule doesn’t have you on a cleaning routine mom would be proud of, here’s a few basic tips on how to help arrest the funk; from innovations in maintaining your kitty-box (naturally), to how to stave off drain belching.

Funk Out Decor

Chances are this family member is not yours. When making the best of a small apt, finding the quintessential covered litter box can be as challenging as the rocket science used to design “The LITTER-ROBOT” by Automated Pet Care Products, boasting a system that takes the shoveling out of kitty-cat care, making it as easy as taking out a garbage bag every few days.

Funk Out Decor 3

However, at roughly $350 a pop, you may prefer focusing on upgrading your litter product… using either one of these trendy new biodegradable, naturally clumping, wheat or corn based products.

Funk Out DecorFunk-Out-Decor-5

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  1. We use an automatic litter box as well – though we went for the scoopfree and we think its a perfect fit. Its not nearly as expensive as the box you feature and is super easy to clean (you can just toss and replace the litter trays when used). Worth considering for those on the market for a new box.

    Thanks for the article and the suggestions!


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