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You Need a Fatboy Beanbag in Your Life

I’ll admit it. I really like beanbags. They may not be the most refined type of furniture, but they are very very comfortable, and very very fun. And the best beanbag I’ve ever seen (or sat on) is the Fatboy. Above is the original model, but if you’re interested in taking yours outdoors (and why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t camping be that much more fun?) the buggle-up, shown below, is for you!

Fatboy also lends their really cool design aesthetic to hammocks, as if you needed any more incentive to love them.

Their products come in many, many colours, and they’re constantly updating the different styles they offer. As of right now they also have metallic and patterned options, along with kid and pet sizes. Check out their store locator to find where you can get your very own Fatboy, or order one online!

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