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Eco Renovation in STYLE

Eco Reno - Romance Eileen Fisher

Bringing the Runway home…

So it’s mid-August and normally I would be getting ready for the upcoming fall semester of school, but the reality that I’ve graduated and am now living back home with my parents has finally hit me. I was however able to convince them that my room needed some serious redecorating. I’ve always believed that fashion and home fashion are intrinsically connected and thus, I have spent a lot of time since the August long weekend getting to know the upcoming fall fashion trends. I figure that many of you are either in a similar situation as myself, are moving into rez, or are moving into the legendary student apartment. Regardless, here are some eco-friendly decorating tips that fall in line with some of falls most popular fashion trends.

Eco Reno Russia Gucci

Russian Princess/Military:

I am in love with Chanel’s line of specialty purses that are reminiscent of imperial Russia. I find a lot of similarities between this look and the structured military look back again for another season. What attracts me most to this style are the rich colours; the deep reds and purples, the rich greens, and the golden yellows.

Eco Reno Russia 2 Chanel

Earlier this year, Benjamin Moore came out with two lines of eco-friendly paint, “Aura” and “Natura.” While painting may not be the most glamorous activity, the colours available (like wasabi or caliente) certainly are and can bring a splash of this fall trend to your room/home. (check out the page on Cultivated Style: Global Artisan)

Eco Reno Romance Megan Follows in Anne of Green Gables

Sheer Romance:

Structured, stand-out shoulders are a staple for fall…but so is the romantic counterpart: the puffed sleeve. Think of Canadian literary classic Anne (of Green Gables) who begged for a dress with puffed sleeves. The luxe, romantic, airy, feminine feel of these shirts can easily make its way into your bedroom style through the layering of fabrics and plush pillows. Eileen Fisher has a line of organic, luxury cotton bedding available from Garnet Hill.

Eco Reno - Metallics Carolina Herrera

Eco Reno - Metallics Michael Kors


This season silver, gold, bronze, and platinum are making a glamorous mark on the runway. I found Carolina Herrera’s pewter dress particularly appealing. You can bring that metallic edge to your room with a metallic-coloured paint or wash (check out the Benjamin Moore paint collection listed above), or you can also add metallic accents with recycled metal centerpieces, vases, and picture frames (check out the websites below).

Eco Reno Metallics - Hammered Silver Metal Vase

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