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BOX Pt. 1


Designers thinking outside the box is this week’s motto in bringing you fresh ideas and approaches in interior design.



The exhibition “?” by Robert Stadler was an “installation lumineuse” at l’église Saint-Paul Saint-Louis, presented for the Nuit Blanche, Paris (France).


The Heaven ladder, designed by Thomas Bernstrand and produced by Swedish manufacturer Swedese, is designed with only one part of what would normally be two-part affair, the bottom plate ingeniously holding it up. Made of painted aluminium, the cone shape of the structure is meant to make it look like it is reaching up to the sky.

Catch them all

The Catch Them All coat stand is a fusion of functionality and sculptural movement. Designed by Alain Gilles, the general shape is the made to look like of a person catching a hat, with one hand up the air much like the statue of liberty. This sculptural yet utilitarian piece is meant to take on a life of its own as people set their clothes on it, as only then do all the openings acquire their true function. They can be used to hold items that are normally difficult to place on standard coat hangers, like gloves, scarves, umbrellas etc, and ingeniously, the lower openings can easily be used by children, allowing then to manage their own garments by themselves.  Produced by The Workshop (Belgium), the Catch Them All coat stand is shipped as a flat packed item with both parts designed to slide into one another, so no screws are needed.


Designed by Eric Benqué, Spiral is a multipurpose piece of furniture composed of five boards assembled in a spiral. Imprecisely defined, it is while moving the spiral in various orientations that it transforms from a coffee table to a bookcase, then a chair, a high seat…

Mikado TreeMikado TreeMikado Tree

A compliation of lacquered resin, incandescent bulbs, and lacquered metal tubes, the Mikado Tree stands at 13.1 feet tall and is designed by Paris born fashion designer and otherwise “créateur libre”, José Levy.

Possible Low TablePossible Low Table

The “Possible Furniture” series by Robert Stadler plays with the perception of stacked balance vs unbalance.  Each different piece of furniture looks like an unlikely random pile (of either upholstered, lacquered, or polished elements), yet follows standard design rules based on ergonomics, stability, and use.

Possible MeridiennePossible Meridienne

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