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World Cup 2010 Jersey Fashion

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three weeks, and you haven’t noticed the flags, banners, t-shirts, and in some cases face paint (yes, face paint), I’m sure you’ve heard that the 2010 FIFA World Cup has begun.

From Thierry Henry, to Christiano Ronaldo, Landon Donovan, Kaka, and Wayne Rooney. From Argentina, to England, Spain, Portugal, France, and to the host nation South Africa, amongst others, fans all over the world have been debating (more likely arguing) over who is the best player in the tournament, and which team will walk away with the Cup on July 11th. (Just for the record, my picks are Ghana and Argentina. Yeah I know I’m only supposed to pick one team, but it’s my article, so I can do what I want!!!)

While only time will answer those questions, one dilemma that I will answer right now is which country has the best looking soccer, err football, jersey.

When looking for a jersey, I’ve always tried to look for one that you won’t be embarrassed to be seen out with on the street. Think the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks or Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or the NHL’s Nashville Predators. I was going to throw in the Major League Baseball’s Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Chiefs, or Milwaukee Brewers, but it wouldn’t be fair cause their jerseys are actually really stylish (especially the Pirates). It’s just that the teams have been so bad for so long that I just can’t bring myself to wear them.

Now on to the show…

First up is Italy, aka The Azzurri. The same squad who decided not to show up for this World Cup despite being the defending champs… Anyways, the retro blue jersey that has been a staple for Italian soccer still looks good even though the color isn’t anywhere to be found on the country’s flag. Let’s be honest though, the white jersey does look pretty sharp.

Next up is Germany’s jersey. Honestly, black and white obviously go together, but let’s be real here, this is as boring as it gets. A white shirt with some black lines on it. Yeah there is also blue and red, but you have to look really close to see them. What happened to yellow? You can tell that Adidas made this…

Next up is Argentina. My number one (or 1A) pick to win it all. Do you remember what I said about it being my article…? Call me crazy, but despite the fact that they are a really great team, am I the only person who isn’t intimidated and snickers when they roll out in their baby blue jersey? Mardona is the man, but if he can ask for luxury toilette’s, why can’t he ask for tougher looking jerseys too???

While their away jersey is a winner, I just can’t get past the baby blue…

For France and Algeria, the main difference between the jerseys is that one has stripes and the other has what looks to be a fox or hyena on the right shoulder. The people at Adidas really earn their paychecks on these ones…

I’d be wrong if I didn’t include Mexico and Cameroon. Both jerseys are more or less completely green. Mexico’s uniform says excitement, while Cameroon says I have something to hide.

While both have a sleekness to them, to me the fact that they are so similar in appearance knocks them both out of the running. The Cameroon jersey also looks like a slight knock-off of team Jamaica’s jersey from the last World Cup.

Honestly, Japan and Uruguay (where did the latter come from? They’ve been kicking ass and taking names the first two weeks!) have really nice looking jerseys. Generally, you can’t go wrong with red, blue, and white in any combination.

The only reason I don’t award team Japan the winner is because that is just way to much blue. For Uruguay, it’s just a little too plain. If you follow the path of other teams (I’m looking at you Russia, Germany, etc…) and add in some colours that don’t belong like black or gold, then we’d have a winner.

When all is said and done, drum roll please… I am going with Spain’s jersey as my choice for best looking. Not only does black go with everything, the look says ‘I’m intimidating’ while looking cool, calm, and collected at the same time. The red says ‘give me your best shot, (or in soccer’s case dive!) I’m out for blood!’ I just don’t get that from Italy’s jersey. While it is still an impressive jersey, it just doesn’t have the same bravado as the Spanish one. Worse case scenario, after a couple of pints you can fool some German people into thinking that it’s their teams’ new third jersey. Adidas should pay me for that idea.

Before I go, I just want to say thank you to Dave and Moe for hooking me up with the pics of all the jerseys, even the ones that didn’t make the cut at Pro Sports. Thanks boys!

Now you know my favourite. Who do you guys choose?

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