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What is P90X and Why is the IT Guy Doing It?

A home exercise video that sounds more like a steroid injection – um, no thanks.   It wasn’t until the fifth person in a week mentioned P90X to me that I began to remember its name.  In my book, any home exercise video sold through infomercials by middle-aged men with ripped bodies must be a scam – thus, forgotten.  1989 was more than 20 years ago, friends.

Well, apparently its Jane Fonda redux here in SoCal, because one too many unexpected colleagues has mentioned the amazing phenomenon that is P90X.    ”Oh, my friend started selling the DVDs – swears by it,” I heard.  Or,  “Yeah, my friends just looked super fit, and I asked them what they were doing – what’s the secret…”  P90x, baby.

But, it was this morning, when the office IT guy told me that he and his wife just began this hardcore workout, that I started to wonder – is there subliminal messaging in this program, or actually something to this.        

I can’t tell you for sure, because I haven’t tried (and surely won’t), but here’s the gist:  P90x was actually developed in 2004 (ah, so long ago).  It is a set of 12 dvds with a series of one hour workouts to complete over 90 days.  The premise of the program is “muscle confusion”.  The theory is that by varying exercises your body cannot adapt to the workout and plateau in its improvement.  Thus, by confusing the muscles you continually grow stronger.  That’s the theory anyway.  As theories go, there seem to be a lot of dissenting camps.

Muscle confusion aside, it sounds like its the award-winning infomercials that take the cake.  Check this out!

Well, the infomercial almost sold me.  But somehow, just somehow, I’ll manage to resist…  In the meantime, to all of those P90Xers, enjoy.  You look X-tra fabulous.

P.S.  Shout out to Egypt, you have been on my mind.

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