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Fame Kills Tour

A week filled with a bunch of UP’s and DOWN’s. Let start off with the saddest news of the week, the much maligned Kanye West has decided to cancel his Fame Kills Tour with Lady Gaga. Originally supposed to debut at the beginning of November, Mr. West and Ms. Gaga have decided to go their separate ways and put off the tour indefinitely. Maybe this has something to do with Kanye’s antics at the MTV Video Music Awards???

Kanye v. Taylor

Moving on, director Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland this past week for his involvement in the infamous 1977 California sex case where he was accused of drugging a 13 year old girl and then rapping her. Polanski is still fighting his extradition to the United States where he faces charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. I guess bad things could happen in the hot tub at Jack Nicholson’s.

Roman Polanski

Rio de Janeiro Winning Olympic Bid

Lastly, Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the first South American country to host an Olympic games. Competing against the likes of Chicago, which went as far as bringing in the President, the first lady and OPRAH to help fight for their cause, Madrid and Tokyo, Rio was chosen to be the site of the XXXI Summer Olympiad. As one of’s favorite cities, we couldn’t be more thrilled for the country and the people, now all we have to do is find our way down there. We still have 6 years… I think we will be okay.

Obama Chicago Olympics 2016

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