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The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore have taken one of pop culture’s most overused, clichéd concepts and created a suspenseful, chilling comic book. As the title suggests, zombies dominate the world of The Walking Dead. From the onset, it is clear that Kirkman has little desire to ask how the zombies came about. That’s really not the point of this thrilling series. Though the reader eventually learns more, the walking dead are just a vehicle to tell a perfectly pitched tale of horror. It would be possible to substitute the zombies for aliens, monsters, or anything, really. Kirkman is such a skillful writer that he can make even the mundane seem nightmarish.

In this book, no one is safe. You realize that at any given moment, every character is a bite away from zombification. Kirkman knows it is the only way to tell a gripping story. After all, how exciting is it to read a title if you know your favourite characters will never die? And that’s what this book is through and through: a scary experience. And as if the mobs of walking dead weren’t frightening enough, Kirkman explores our ugly side, suggesting that humans can be as horrific and murderous as the zombies.

Accompanying this perfect tale is Charlie Adlard (who took over from original artist Tony Moore). He casts such deep shadows that, at any point, the reader imagines that a zombie may well leap out at the turn of a page. His characters’ facial expressions are equally effective and realistic; you truly feel the survivors’ horror and pain.

Upon reflection, I realized that the real walking dead are not the zombies. They are Rick, Lori, Michonne, and the other main characters in a drama that, at any turn, from any corner, comes death. It is virtually inevitable that everyone will become the walking dead.

Published by Image Comics, The Walking Dead (soon to become a TV show) comes in a variety of formats, from oversized hardcover collections to trade paperbacks. Check it out online for more information and to read the first issue for free.

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