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The TOYS you want.. but obviously can’t afford. YET?!

Pro-Ject Debut III USB

Sumiko Audio has done it again with their Pro-Ject Debut III USB turntable. With a price of around $350, the device provides a high-quality turntable design with a USB output stage. The product is deigned to be one of the easiest/best ways to transfer sound from vinyl records to a computer, and once on the computer to your iPod. Check out the Pro-Ject line and other Sumiko Audio toys at Sumiko’s online store.

Toshiba Regza

Next up is the Toshiba’s Regza ZV650. A flat-screen TV with all the bells and whistles including one extra for those sound conscious, light sleeping, television viewers. Ranging from as low as $900 and going upwards of $2600, the new Toshiba Regza is the first to feature Dolby Volume, which automatically adjusts the volume to a comfortable level (so screw you late night commercials). Go to the Regza website where they take you through a step by step process to find the TV that’s best suited for any room in your house.


The Microsoft Surface is priced at over $10,000 and is currently availible for business use. How long till we all have one at home..hopefully sooner rather than later.

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