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S/he is so Cute/Pretty

19-year- old Serbian Australian model Andrej Pejic is taking the fashion world by storm. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this blue-eyed beauty is a “he”.

Andrej Pejic

About a week ago, I read his profile on the Dailybeast. Pejic, with his stunning female features and killer bone structure, is always mistaken for a girl.  In his case, that means free drinks at the bar (true story apparently). Who said men can’t get drinks!?

He shares the runaway with many famous female models and he’s been scoped out by the likes of Jean Paul Gauthier and Marc Jacobs. He’s a rare gem in the fashion industry but there are many other famous androgynous models who came before him.

Omahyra Mota

Omahyra Mota

Her name doesn’t ring a bell but what if I told you she appeared in Jay-Z’s “Change Clothes” video?

Jay-Z Change clothes….I would just scroll to 3:20

Originally from Dominican Republic, she was the it girl not too long ago where she even featured in X-Men’s The Last Stand, in 2006.

What sets her apart from other female on the catwalk: her killer jaw. She was even the face of Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fragile Parfum

Jenny Shimizu

Jenny Shimizu at 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards

Things changed for Jenny when she was approached by a casting director while saddling her motorcycle outside a nightclub in L.A (what are the odds?).

His (the director’s) connections were none other than Calvin and Kelly Klein. Story has it that they happened to be looking for an androgynous model for their new fragrance at the time, CK One. Her first fashion show was for Calvin Klein and she later campaigned for Banana Republic. The ad was only published at Times Square billboards…no big deal. Since then, she worked with many famous designers…

Oh ya, I totally forgot to mention that she dated Madonna and was Angelina Jolie’s ex-girlfriend (those are apparently rumors but Shimizu doesn’t deny it).

Notable mentions…Martin Cohn

Martin Cohn taken from nymag

Isn’t HE pretty? That’s right, he!  Cohn has never denied his androgynous look but he did admit that he was annoyed that people would confuse him for a girl.

Now he simply embraces it…and rightfully so!

Much like Pejic, he is still fresh into the fashion scene. This doe-eyed fella’s work as a model is extensive and impressive.  He’s only 20 years-old.

I’m sure I missed a few! Other notable mentions?

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