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Settlers of Catan

After my introduction to an introductory boardgame, the dust has settled so time for a settlement game.  When it comes to strategic boardgames, one of the most iconic is Settlers of Catan.  Due to its popularity, many people have already played the game; thus, the target audience of this entry is for those who are still taking the first steps and settling to develop a taste for boardgames.  Settle down, not every article will be for the newbs, but overall the intent is to appeal to multiple audiences (albeit not all at once).  Everyone deserves some attention, and they shouldn’t settle for less.  Now that the puns are out of my system, let’s begin!

The game board is a hexagonal-tile system in which you can use a  balanced predefined setup, or randomly arrange the tiles.  These tiles represent land in which various resources are harvested.  A token with a number between 2 and 12 is placed on each tile.  Players set a starting town on the connecting corners of tiles.  Each turn, two dice are rolled and the corresponding tiles with the number tokens produce resources for the connected cities.  With resources, roads, new villages can be built.  The primary objective is to be the first to acquire 10 points.  Points come from having villages, in addition to achieving statuses such as “Longest Road”.

The mechanics of the game are simple, allowing for easy learning.  Despite the simplicities, the strategies behind the game are quite mathematical, giving veteran gamers something to appreciate when playing the game as well.  The game is well-balanced, and since it involves rolling dice, there is a luck factor, giving everyone a chance to win.  For these reasons and more, Settlers is popular amongst all types of players.

In addition to the basic game, there are expansions.  The two types of expansions are Player and Content additions.  As the game is originally limited to 4 players, the Player expansions allow for up to 6 by adding more tiles and re-balancing the resource number tokens.  The Content additions add twists and new content to the game and also have corresponding Player expansions.

Final Rating: 8/10
Settlers of Catan is a well-balanced game that appeals to many audiences.  The game has basics that make it easy to learn, and advanced aspects to allow people to develop strategy and get better.

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