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Paper Cut Project

The most simple of materials are often the most inspiring, encouraging an expansive exploration and a challenge of what is possible.  And when the subtle capabilities of a material as simple as paper is combined with a love for fashion and artistic creation, the results can be staggeringly beautiful.  Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry know exactly what can become of this potent combination.  The two founded the Paper Cut Project only a few years ago and have been creating delicate paper installations for everything from runway, advertising, editorials and window installations.

Their most current installations include a series of paper wigs for Kate Spade stores as well as one for the Bay’s holiday window.  The collection of black windswept wigs for Kate Spade are transfixed in what seems to be the peak of motion.  The contrast between the stagnancy of the sculptures themselves and the illusory motion that is so well captured in the arcs of the paper locks is part of what makes these wigs so intriguing at first glance.  Upon second glance, the anonymity of the faces below the wigs makes it hard not to imagine one’s own head settled just below the crown of the wigs, frozen in the apex of flight.

In stark contrast, the wigs created for the holiday windows of The Bay (top), are pure white and tower stiffly well over a foot high. Intricately patterned, they channel the powdered wigs of the Victorian era and emote an air of aristocracy countered only by the commonness of the materials from which they are crafted.


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