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Just for Jokes (part III)

I think it’s just about time for some more Romanian humor. Also, some fools last night was saying I was gay. So this one goes out to them:

There was once a man what had a son. The son grew into a young man and came to see his father one day.

“Papa, I’m gay.”


The father, raised in an old-fashioned household, had no understanding of the concept. So the son insisted.

“I’m a homosexual!”

“A what?”

“Jesus Christ! My sexuality is reversed!”

“What do you mean, your sexuality is reversed?”

The son now saw no other way.

“Look I didn’t want to say it this way, but I suck d*ck and I take it up the ass.”

Instead of getting angry, the father laughs.

“So you take after your mum after all!”


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