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Just for Jokes (Part II)

How about another sample of that humorous spirit thang? I heard this joke in Bucharest in 2009, and it was my favorite joke for that year. Also, it has probably remained my favorite ever since. Enjoy:

Three finalists are fighting for the Grand Prize in a contest, somewhere in Europe. One of them is German, the other Russian, and the third is Romanian. As this is the very last stage of the contest, the task before them is understandably difficult: to iron a shirt, eat a loaf of bread and boink a bizznitch, all within 30 seconds.

The German gets started – he chooses to attack the shirt before anything else. He irons it real neat, making sure there isn’t the slightest crease in it. German engineering, you know the deal. But as soon as he gets to the bread, the buzzer goes off. The contestant is eliminated.

The Russian think to himself, “well this is impossible, so I might as well start with the good part”. He bangs the woman, finishes rather quickly, then gets started on the shirt and BUZZZZZZZ. Eliminated.

The Romanian has a rather practical kind of knowledge, which he uses in the following way: he makes the woman iron the shirt while he mounts her (I’m really running out of corny ways to say “fuck” here), and eats the bread at the same time. He wins.

After the excitement has subsided, the judges want to know why the contestants chose their respective courses of action.

The German says: “In Deutschland, we have the work culture. We work very hard, then we eat a little, and sometimes – very rarely – we try to have fun.”

The Russian says: “In Russia, we have the fun culture. Life is too shitty to worry about anything, so we have lots of fun, then we pretend to work, and sometimes we eat.”

Finally, the Romanian unveils his winning strategy: “In Romania, if you’re not screwing the people that work, you can’t have your bread.”

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