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I am not a PAPER cup…

How many paper cups do you use in a week? One? Three? Seven? Why not cut down on your consumption by using this great paper cup substitute?

The I am not a paper cup is a completely insulated porcelain cup that comes with a silicone lid. The product really speaks for itself, since it’s better for the environment and actually keeps your drink warmer than paper does. It’s also dishwasher safe, doesn’t burn your hands, and looks pretty awesome (and since the basic model is plain ceramic, it’s customizable too. Just get painting!)

I Am Not a Paper Cup is sold in all sorts of retail locations, but for convenience you can get yours online at either ThinkGeek or Amazon. There are also a bunch of variations and accessories like silicone sleeves and tea and coffee steepers available.

So there’s really no reason not to get your daily caffeine fix in style.

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