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How to Enjoy the Summer – from your Office

The sun is blazing and the sky is blue. At least it seems to be from my 26th floor office window. Days like today make it impossible for me to drag my feet to work, because all I want is to put my toes in a pool instead of in my pumps. Surviving your first summer in the office is not easy at first – July is no longer about four week long European tours, cut-off denim and midday margaritas. But the pain can be eased – try these tips out to take the bummer out of working during the summer.

  • Bike (or walk) to work
  • Work on your (weekend) bikini bod and get some fresh air. Live too far? Try taking a walk at lunch.
  • Eat lunch outside: Treat yourself to a nice lunch on a terrace. Or bring your lunch and eat it outside.
  • Flavoured water is amazing, and keeps your hydrated! To a pitcher of water, add mint, or cucumber, or sliced lemons, or sliced oranges, or whatever. Bring it to work in a reusable water bottle. Close your eyes while drinking and picture yourself at a spa in Greece. Trust me, this works.
  • Replace your morning cappuccino with an iced latte. Refreshing and energizing. Yum.
  • Bare your toes. Make sure your feet are nicely pedicured (I am obsessed right now with OPI’s Miami Beet), and slip on some peeptoes.
  • Dress to impress – summer edition. Shed your cashmere sweaters in favour of linens and cottons. Instead of black, try light grey and beige. Pair em with coloured pieces and peeptoes (see point 4). And TAKE OFF YOUR TIGHTS!!

Take advantage of your office’s flexibility. Many companies are quieter during the summer, so see if your office will give you some flexibility in your schedule – like working 10 hours on Monday through Thursday, and taking Friday off. Hellooooo long weekend!

So next time you start complaining about working during the sunshine, try out these tricks, and remember to treat yourself to something special with your hard-earned summer cash!

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