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Hot or Cold

Can you think of anything more irritating then being in a deep sleep and just as your dreams get interesting, your significant other places their cold feet on you. Ohhhhh no, say no to cold feet!! This was the drive behind the purchase of the ChiliPad. It’s been three weeks since the last, and hopefully, final episode of the cold-feet-during-the-night saga. The ChiliPad allows you to control the mattress surface temperature with a heating and cooling system, so you can achieve a great night’s sleep.

The principal behind the ChiliPad is very simple. It uses water instead of air to generate heat, or it cools the water, which in turn absorbs your body heat. The wide range of temperature adjustments that it provides are more than enough for the coldest Canadian nights to the humid heat of the tropics. The water flows through soft coils in the pad.  The water doesn’t make any noise and you do not feel the coils as you rest. It’s important to note that by using the ChiliPad, you retain the firmness of your mattress.

The motor is extremely silent (20 dBa), being about as loud as the fan on a computer, and is designed to fit under a standard bed frame. You control the temperature with a simple remote or, if you lose it, from the motor control panel. It would have been nice if you could program the unit’s start and stop times. There are two models of the ChiliPad, the single or the dual unit, however, unless you plan to sleep alone for the rest of you life, do spend the extra $100 and get the dual unit. Chili Technology also makes a full mattress called ChiliBed and it incorporates the ChiliPad, however, get ready to dish out a few grand for it. The king size ChiliPad goes for about $700 with shipping and it’s worth every penny. Enjoy!!

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  1. I’ve personally had this product and it was overpriced and underperformed! I suffer from night sweats so I was so excited to try this product…boy was I disappointed! And poor customer service…they wouldn’t even call me back!

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