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Get into the Game

This week at E3, Microsoft has unveiled the newly branded Microsoft Kinect (previously known as Project Natal) which will be out in November, just in time for the Christmas rush. Kinect is periferal webcam on steroids for the Xbox 360 that detects you body’s movements thanks to an infrared emitter and some fancy software. Microsoft claims that Kinect tracks 48 different body points in real time for up to 2 players and since it has an on-board microphone you’ll also be able to talk to you Xbox. The gadget is not officially priced yet however, rumors point to $150.

The new Xbox was also on stage with its shiny new coat and smaller size. It will have a dedicate USB port for the Kinect that will deliver more power that a standard USB. The future of video gaming is starting to look quite physical ever since Nintendo Wii came along. Microsoft has upped the ante with Kinect however, we’ll have to see what is delivered in the box. We’ll get it of course and review it in detail. In the mean time check out the promo videos and notice the difference between the initial promo and the latest release. Enjoy!!

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