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Ford Fiesta 2011 – Check out my chassis!

My new bff is the FF 2011 ! Ford Canada recently invited me to test drive the 2011 Fiesta in San Fran and Oh! what a feeling! – driving one of these subcompacts down winding, hilly roads was definitely worth the 24-hour detour for the test-drive!

Ford paired me up with another female journalist from Toronto, armed us with a map and the key to a very sweet “lime squeeze” 5-door hatch.  We then set out on what felt like a very long drive through the Santa Cruz mountains. Fueled on very little sleep, but with the enthusiasm of Thelma and Louise we curved our way to the destination vineyard, continuously switching gears while singing pop hits at the top of our lungs thanks to the cars Sirius Satellite Radio. “Telephone” was definitely one of them. You can check out the drive and my terrible singing skills in this video. Let’s just say that the Fiesta handles the curves much better than I handle Lady Gaga.

Later in the evening we headed over to a local bar where just outside we were treated to the unveiling of the suped-up Gymkhana Three Fiesta with rally driver Ken Block. I wasn’t nearly as excited as the 30 other male journalists and car aficionados, but judging by the number of paparazzi, the reactions to the Monster energy models and non-media trying to sneak a peak, I guessed that it was a pretty big deal. It did have funky neon-green accents… oh, la la!

The following morning before heading home we, once again, were handed the key to a Fiesta to head over to the Candlestick autocross park which is also home to the 49ers stadium. There we donned helmets and proceeded to go through the course as fast as we dared while trying to avoid, but ultimately annihilating a few of those little orange cones. You can check out my very girly attempt to be the next top rally car driver, complete with squeals and one botched gear change here.

The Fiesta is a good-looking and FUN car to drive! Built like a high-end car it has all the latest options: SYNC hands-free and voice command system, heated seats and leather interior. But, it’s so reasonably priced, really anyone can afford it. Even though I know very little about cars, I did learn one neat thing from one of the car-freaks: “The Chassis is Fantastic: MacPherson struts up front…”  Since my last name is MacPherson, now I really LOVE this car!

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