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Food Stylist

Candy Photography

Have you ever looked at a food advertisement and thought, “That looks so good, I can almost taste it, not to mention smell it?” Well, if you have, you can thank a food stylist. They’re responsible for the perfectly placed food that you see in those mouth-watering ads on TV or in pictures.

Food Photography

Much like fashion stylist, everything must be properly coordinated and placed. They are also responsible for pulling, or in their case, grocery shopping, for products. Fortunate enough for stylist like myself, clothes only get stale the following season and I don’t have to worry about them losing color on set or becoming limp. Believe it or not, a lot of the food you see isn’t actually real. Lighting, special techniques, and hours of photography is behind it. For example, the ice cream some times isn’t ice cream.  It’s a shortening, corn syrup, and powered sugar combination and when it’s scooped, it can resemble actual ice cream! Well, they certainly had me. They also create steam with cool air nebulizers to make food that has been sitting on the counter for hours actually look like it was just cooked.

Food Photography

How about that mouth watering burger you’ve been eyeing? Ever say to yourself when it’s in front of your face, “How come mine doesn’t look like the one in the picture?” Well, that’s because the ingredients inside are held in place by tooth picks, the insides of the tomato are removed, that mouth watering  ¼ lb of beef is actually cooked on the outside by a small torch, and the cheese is melted into place by household cleaners.

Food Styling

A lot of prep and hard work goes into being a food stylist! Fashion and style is not limited to clothing alone, so kudos to Michael Ray who shot the following photos. For more info on this subject check out Canada’s own food stylist Adele Hagan on After all, food stylists keeps our mouths watering and restaurants full, but next time you pull into your fav restaurant, sit down and pull out their menu.  If it looks to good to be true……it was styled!

Food Styling

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