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Doll World

Since Barbie’s birth, born Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1959, she has quickly found her way into homes and hearts all over the world. She has had countless friends, careers, boyfriends, clothes, cars, houses, weddings, and most importantly, has been trusted to play out the dramatic fantasies of a million little girls and boys over the decades. Barbie dolls have been modeled after all different types of people of which some have worked and some have failed.

Personally, I find the 50-year-old Barbie extremely creepy. I believe that what Barbie does best is follow her true calling as a fashion model. Both Barbie dolls and fashion models have always seemed to create some sort of controversy, so it seems brilliant to take advantage of Barbie’s intrinsic beauty and photograph her instead. When I came across a mini ‘Barbie’ edition of Italian Vogue, it was not only the intricacy of the sets and the lighting that made it amazing, but the detail in Barbie’s little clothes, hair and makeup added to my almost forensic appreciation of the shootings. The designers, photographers, stylists and crew did an amazing job in bringing Barbie to life and creating amazing editorials.

On a more local front, Toronto-based designer David Dixon launched a collection in 2009 called “Barbie by David Dixon” which continues to be sold at The Bay stores across Canada. Although it was a cute collection and captured the femininity and elegance of Barbie well, real girls are just never going to look as good! Maybe we should continue to replace fashion models with fashion dolls…life-size robotic ones? Now that’s creepy…

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