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Choco-LOT or choco-LITTLE

If my taste buds had their way, people would have two choices when it came to chocolate: Dark, and even darker. White chocolate is a bit too sweet for me, and milk chocolate lacks kick. I feel a bit like Goldilocks when I say that for me, dark chocolate is just right. Few things are as satisfying as popping a black square of dark chocolate into your mouth and tasting its bitter bite as it melts on your tongue.  And the higher the cocoa content, the better! Recently, my roommate and I shared a bar of Lindt’s 99% cocoa chocolate, just to see if we could handle it. She’s more of a milk chocolate lover and was slightly turned off by the bar’s “chalky” consistency when you first bit into it, but I couldn’t get enough. A few swishes of the tongue and I felt like I was in chocolate heaven. The bar didn’t stay too long on our coffee table and I felt bad about depriving my roommate of a chocolate fix that she, too, could enjoy. I didn’t have to feel guilty for long, however, since one of our mutual friends suggested that we visit Chocolaterie Suisse on Crescent Street, Montreal, and have one of their chocolate milkshakes.

Entering the shop by mistake, you might guess that you were in a clock store since the majority of the walls of the store lined with grandfather clocks. The left side of the shop would prove you wrong, however, as it contains shelf upon shelf of imported chocolate goods and harbors a glass counter to showcase the shop’s wide array of truffles and pralines. If you are strong enough to tear your eyes away from the truffles to look above the counter, there is a long list of over 40 different chocolates you can choose to have in your cold milkshake during the summer or hot chocolate during the winter. Besides being divided into the 3 categories of white, milk, and dark chocolate, the owner has also listed the cocoa content of each chocolate.

When the man behind the counter asked what I wanted in my milkshake, I told him that I loved dark chocolate, had tried 99% not too long ago, and had thoroughly enjoyed it. He looked amused at my obvious enthusiasm for dark chocolate, but rather than suggesting the chocolate with the highest level of cocoa on the list, he recommended I try one with a cocoa content of 86%. “Absolutely out of this world” is the only phrase I can think of to accurately describe this drink.  It was the perfect combination of creaminess with a bite. I could taste its heavenly flavor in my mouth long after I had finished the drink. My roommate ordered a milk chocolate shake with a cocoa content of 47% that made her as just as happy as mine had made me and we left the store planning what our next chocolate conquests would be, hers in the realm of milk chocolate, and mine in the bitter world of dark. Sometimes I guess it is good to have a choice between choco-lot and choco-little.

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