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Cadence Cycle… You SPIN me right round

Ahh Summer… The heat, the sun, the great outdoors & lots of frozen yogurt (at swUrl – of course!), but sometimes its too hot to be outside. The reality is most of us live in mucky, humid, smog infested parts of the city and as much as we want to be outside, we can’t always be.  I love to exercise outside and go for a run/bike, but because of my work schedule I can never go early in the morning when the sun isn’t at its peak. So I’ve found a solution to keep fit in the summer while still having fun at a new place in Montreal called Cadence Cycle.

Spinning is by no means a new form of exercising but the way that it is taught at Cadence Cycle is not the same way as your traditional ritzy health club/gym. The music is high intensity and sometimes fun to sing along to, and the instructors push you until you have sweat coming out of every pore.  The best part about spinning is that you can go at your own pace; all that the instructors’ want is that you keep the same CADENCE/rythym as them. Another thing I love about Cadence it that it is almost an all-inclusive activity; all you need is a change of clothes. At Cadence, they provide you with the spinning shoes, a (much needed) towel and then have facilities to shower in afterwards all for 25 dollars a class.  To even sweeten the deal they offer the first class FREE, yes FREE, so you can sign up and see if its for you and then trust me you will be hooked. Look for the schedule and availabilities online.

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