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Bye Bye Summer Fashion

Summer is almost over, so I thought that for this post I would only add four more summer outfits. This week I painfully stored my summer sandals away and writing this post made it that much harder. But fear not! While I love the warm weather, fall is my favourite fashion season so I can’t wait to see what I’ll find on the streets this September.

Let’s finish up the summer shall we?

Who doesn’t miss “heatwave fashion”? It’s the only time of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear the hottest ensembles. Prior to my post, a fan sent us a picture on how she beat this summer’s heatwave.

I love the shorts and I really like how she added the necklace to enhance the outfit. I think the whole ensemble has a lot of street credibility.

She got her shorts at H&M; her cropped top from American Apparel, her shoes from Aldo, and  her bag from Carlos by Carlos Santana. Yes…. The artist…

Her belt and jewelry are vintage and her shades are from Bang-On.

Customer Service Reps show us how it’s done!

Sales and customer service reps are always dressed to impress. You have to respect the reps fashion sense. While they want to wear what they like, they have to be conscious of their clientele and respect their companies’ standards, a dilemma that’s hard to conquer, especially if you haven’t done the laundry in a month… Not that I know from experience.

I nabbed three customer service reps from a well-known retail company. While they are summer outfits, nothing stops you from altering their outfits to your liking.

This rep told me she always wears a colourful piece and evens it off with neutral ensembles (which is what everyone should ALWAYS do in work settings). Her outfit is the perfect ensemble because it does just that. She paired off a summery top to make it classy for work and that’s only by adding a tailored blazer, black tights and some gladiator-like sandals.

By now, you might have figured out where I spotted my reps. Again, another very safe outfit for work. This rep kept it also very simple. She paired off a heavily patterned scarf with her very dark outfit and, while you may not see it, she finished off the ensemble with red lipstick.  It’s a very minimalist ensemble for work but it beats the tired old pencil skirt, halter top and sweater combo. I kicked myself for not taking a better picture.

What I like about this outfit is the combination of the big statement necklace and the big belt with a looser top. There’s something about this whole ensemble that just works when normally, the thought of matching these heavy accessories wouldn’t cross your mind. What I like is that she kept the rest of her outfit very simple to not take the shine away from her necklace and belt.

That’s it for me! I’ll be back in September checking out the back-to-school fashion scene in Montreal.


We can’t let Montrealers have all the shine.

Not from Montreal? Get those digital cameras, hang out on the streets of your respective city and send us a picture of yourself, from head to toe. Let us know what’s in yourKloset and you might be featured on our next post.

Please send your pics to Fellas are welcomed too.

Till then, I’ll be watching…

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