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Asian Sens-Asian!


I’ll admit it.  I’m addicted to “people watching.”  Whether out with friends for a coffee or walking to class, I love gleaning fashion tips from people around me.  I’ve made many fantastic wardrobe decisions based on inspiration taken from unsuspecting bystanders.  I get to see clothes on ordinary people instead of those graceful wraiths walking the catwalk. Rather than paying to see clothes modeled at fashion shows, people watching doesn’t cost me a dime… if you discount the cost of my coffee, that is.

Knowing about my “people watching” habits, my sister sent me a website last year that allows me to indulge in my addiction without having to brave the biting Montreal snow.  And to top it off, the site is based out of one of my favorite fashion hotspots: Tokyo, Japan.  At, photos of stylish people walking around the fashion districts of Tokyo are posted every week. You can track trends, see what’s up-and-coming, as well as get inspiration for your own unique looks.  Japanese fashion tends to have a younger, more vibrant feel than the more conservative and sedate fashion of Paris, for example, making it a perfect source of fashion inspiration for young adults.



Photos on the site are divided according to the fashion districts in which they were found.  Once you find a style that you like, the site allows you to zoom in on its catchy aspects.  Take a gander at a few looks that caught my eye over the past few weeks:

While you are there, check out the “Tokyo New Tribe” section.  They catalogue interesting fashion themes gaining popularity in the region.


Overall, I love the website.  It’s fun, insightful, and creative.  It makes you want to follow its advice and live “life happy and for the now, up close with charm!”

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