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Annoying Things Fashion Bloggers do on

Want to be a model or a designer but you don’t know where to start? Look no further than a website that lets any fashion blogger gain some “much needed” exposure.

This blog allows its users to have their style rated and “hyped.” All you need to do is sign up, take a couple of pictures of yourself wearing something (yes…at least something) and let the whole world judge whether that “outfit” is worth the look. There’s a plethora of amateur designers and “so-called” models that provide their “fans” with inspiration.

Air quotes aside, I love this website. It’s a great source of inspiration. Hum…what can I do with those Zara neon blue pants that are burning my retina?? Why…there’s Lookbook.

While I like the website, am I the only one who feels that while the clothes are trendy the “hangers” need a bit of work? After sifting through a bunch of pictures (actually just 20), there are posts and poses that irritate the hell out of me.

Let me first start by saying that I admire the time and literally the money these girls spend on posing for people they don’t know for reasons we don’t know about. I don’t hate any of them…but these following poses irritate me. Let me explain…

“Look at me…I can do athletic-ish stuff” pose

How far can I go?


Bet you can't do that!

We don’t doubt your physical abilities. You happen to have a svelte figure so there’s this preconceived belief that you could do more “stuff” than the average person. But must you bend backwards like that? There isn’t a string for you to limbo. And you, must you bend your leg like that?

I won’t fault our second blogger: she typically tries to jazz up her pictures. But our first She is a serial bend-er. She does not have a single picture where she doesn’t do that pose or put her clutch in that particular way.

A friend of mine once said that this could be a way to showcase a garment or a way to hide an imperfection. Either way, it’s annoying.

“Don’t look at me” pose

Don't bother me...even though I'm on this website

Let’s face it, we’re all judgemental and we, at times, “fan” our favourite fashion blogger purely for shallow reasons. If the blogger happens to be stupendously good looking, we’ll give her or him (ya there’s been a lot of hims on this website these days) a pass for even the worst outfits. But I simply detest bloggers who prefer to hide their faces.

It doesn’t matter if it’s with sunglasses or simply turning away: we also want to know what you did with your makeup! ….or simply how you look overall so that we can inflate or deflate our tiny egos.

“Ya…I normally dress like this every day” pose

So what, I dress like this...what are you looking at? Ya I'm alone in some field so what?

Ya, I randomly dress like this to walk in strange empty-ish parking lots.


No matter how cute the outfit is, this particular pose annoys me the most because it makes the model look very nonchalant as if she dresses like this every day. It’s literally the NBD of all pose.

Look like you’re interested. Acknowledge the fact that we acknowledged your presence. I also deem that these kinds of pictures are not engaging. It’s like taking a picture of a crowd: you don’t feel a thing. There nothing engaging because it’s a bunch of people just walking or doing stuff. But in these types of pictures, it’s like we’re intruding in a moment…like we’re not supposed to be there.

No scratch that! I pin-pointed my problem with these pictures: it’s because they are trying to imitate the magazine photo shoot look and it’s just not happening. There I said it!


The “there’s something about my shoes” pose

I think the left shoe is bigger than the right show

Teehee, they clonk!

"How are we doing down there"

It’s worst than the “ya…I normally dress like this every day pose” because it’s blatantly intentional. What is it about this pose that bloggers seem to love? Are they truly fascinated by their zapatos…so much so that they can’t be bothered to look up?

“It’s really not about the clothes; it’s about the fact that I’m artistic” pose

I tend to think that these types of bloggers are taking too much space. They usually toggle and photoshop pictures and assemble outfits right out of Ugly Betty’s dresser. And its never about the clothes; no, its about a vision.

Case and point

The outfits they come up with aren’t relevant and, at times, aren’t really that inspirational.  I’m trying to assemble an actual outfit here.  Lookbook isn’t for you.

Ridiculous titles

What sin???

This isn’t a headline for an important article that could shape and change the course of one’s life. Dude, it’s just a fashion blog. I hardly ever read the titles but when I do look, I shrug in disbelief and I even avoid hyping the look.

What pins?

Nuff said! By the way, I love the Kooks…

Last but not least…my head hurts pose…



Argh...the sun!

Do I need to elaborate?

No hate here, but please bloggers, get creative. These pose aren’t working.

I’ll have a list of my favourite bloggers on Stay tuned.

By the way, what can’t you stand about fashion bloggers?


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