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Wim Delvoye

I was fortunate this month to visit Paris on a trip that coincided with an exhibition of controversial Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. Delvoye is a conceptual artist whose work can take on a variety of styles and themes. Perhaps his best-known work is the Cloaca series of digestion machines.

As seen (and smelled) at the UQAM gallery a couple years ago, these functioning mechanical   objects are brought into the art world and branded with appropriated logos, bringing into question of concept of art and commercial value. The fecal output of the machines are packaged and sold as individual artworks.

Very different are his gothic inspired works, including the tower on display in Paris.

Using laser-cut steel and carved wood Delvoye creates immense life-sized construction vehicles in the lacy, detailed style of old churches.

The gothic church windows also inspired Delvoye, however in his hands, instead of stained glass he used x-rated x-ray images of sex acts and bondage. One of these windows is currently on display at the Montreal Museum of Fine arts for a first hand glimpse of his work.

No article on Delvoye would be complete without a mention of his tattooed pigs series. The series started with tattooed pig hides, evolved to showing entire taxidermied pigs, and now Delvoye owns an “Art Farm” in China where they tattoo live sedated pigs with a variety of images from pop culture.

I could go on about the sliced-meat floor tiles, the anal kiss hotel stationery, and the S&M birdhouses, but it’s just as fun to spend some time on the artists’ website and find them for yourself!

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  1. Wow! His work is at once genius and disturbing, the making of a marking artist!
    Thanks for sharing.

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