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What the Bleep Do We Know?!

Let’s face it – there is a whole universe, multiverse or more out there that simply escapes us. The night sky, glowing with starlight that has traveled over a billion light years to reach us, is a reminder of our nothingness…or perhaps the limitless possibilities surrounding the reasons for our existence.

One of my favorite movies is called What the Bleep Do We Know.  It is a documentary-style hypothesis about quantum physics and the important role of the observer (you and me) in creating the world we live in.  Everything around us, including us, is composed of subatomic particles.   According to this documentary, the location of a subatomic particle can never be known with certainty – unless it is observed.  When not under observation, there are an infinite number of possibilities describing the particle’s location. This means two things: (1) the observer potentially plays a role in determining where the particle is located when observed; and (2) particles could literally be anywhere – anywhere – when not under observation.  For instance, this could lead to numerous theories on déjà vu (particles coming in and out of a parallel universes), or the power of “envisioning” the future you want to live in.

Though this movie has been criticized for potentially questionable scientific claims, I like it because it thinks outside of the box.  It acknowledges that there could be so much more (or less) to our existence than we ever realized.

Science and technology are advancing at such a rapid pace that it is hard to process the amazing discoveries realized each day. For instance, did you know that scientists may soon prove the existence of parallel universes? See this recent article about experiments underway in the Large Hadron Collidier (LHC) near Geneva.   Scientists are using the LHC to recreate the events after the Big Bang (the theory depicting the beginning of the universe).  This could lead to a much greater understanding of all of the dark matter and dark energy (invisible) that scientists believe exists in the universe – and potentially different dimensions.

In our everyday lives, it is hard to remember that this may not be it – that there may be much more to life than we are capable of comprehending.  Generations from now more intelligent beings may look back and laugh at our limited nature.   Perhaps we should all look up at that night sky a little bit more and experience the freedom in knowing that, really, we know nothing.

In the meantime, check out this movie – What the Bleep Do We Know.  It makes some interesting points.

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