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Tony, Tony, Tony! A Phat Photographer in Halifax

This entry goes out to another pair of awesome photographers, diamonds in the rough on the eastern coast.

Over the course of my modeling career, I’ve come across various brands of cameras and so far, I find I’ve always gotten the best results whilst shooting with Nikon. Yes, there’s that saying, it’s not about the tools you use, it’s how you use them and boy, do I know the gravity of that statement but that’s entirely different episode involving two sets of batteries…

Recently, while waiting at a casting call, I got to thinking about the intricacies and infrastructures of the modeling world and how I found myself apart of it. Once upon a time, before I came to enjoy modeling as a reality and spent many a time dreaming up the day I’d land a photo shoot, I went to a local photography club meeting hoping to find a photographer willing to take a chance on me.

To this day, I’m happy I crashed that meeting because I got to meet a dear friend and amazing photographer: Tony Egan.

Tony Egan was the first photographer I’ve ever worked with. After we met at this photography club meeting, we exchanged emails and began chatting about a potential shoot. Of course, by then I’d spoken to numerous photographers and run into numerous people who’d promised to organize potential shoots or other modeling events for me and never followed through, so I was blown away when Tony actually followed through about a month later. As he worked [still works] overseas, he wasn’t able to guarantee something right away.

But, he was well worth the wait.

And that was my first ever photo shoot.

Since then, I was able to have some professional pictures to my name and allotted some merit in the modeling realm for landing a photo shoot of such a high degree. If it weren’t for Tony, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Who knows? I might still be waiting on a photo shoot…

A genuine joy to be around and work with, Tony’s always captured my best sides and made the worst nonexistent. He appreciates the technical aspects of photography and I find a lot of photographers I’ve worked with aren’t as meticulous in the whole layout and camera quality as he is. I guess you could chalk it up to him being a perfectionist and the results are always nothing short of “perfect”.

Tony’s been shooting recreationally for a while now and has only recently, started shooting public and private events. I was surprised to find he liked photographing people in midst of action since I assumed it’d be difficult but, his work speaks for itself.

It’s always awesome.

And, wouldn’t you know it?

He uses Nikon!

For more of my work with Tony and some other great photographers, check me [Fallen Kittie] out on Facebook.

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