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The Well Dressed Men of the SMALL SCREEN

Cast of Mad Men

Living in L.A. means you have to be on top of your movies and tv, it is all people seem to talk about at the office or even parties. This past weekend after an arduous run/hike I decided to void the entire caloric burn by going to Starbucks and ordering a Venti Mocha Frappuccino.


This may have been a bad decision but in an unlikely event I managed to run into The Hangover’s/The Office’s Ed Helms. I was shocked to see him dressed pretty similarly to his character Andy on the show. This led me to my idea for this weeks post…the effects of Television on men’s Fashion. I know the title sounds a bit clinical but really, it just means well-dressed men on TV.

Chuck Bass & Ed Helms

If you watch The Office, you will notice Andy is always the dapper and fashionable one at the office. Unlike this other cubicle counterparts, who look like their suits are from the 90’s. If Gossip Girl is more your style (and I know MANY guys who admit to watching it RELIGIOUSLY), watch Ed Westwick’s character Chuck Bass, for the latest in formal attire, from pocket squares to double breasted suits. He isn’t the only well dressed guy, but the coolest in by opinion.

Brad Goreski & Adrian Grenier

Another notable small screen trendsetter is Brad Goreski from the Rachel Zoe project that dresses everyday for work the way most men would dress for a black tie event. And of course, if I am talking about LA, TV and fashionable men, how can I not mention, Vinnie Chase himself (of Entourage- for those who live under a rock). He is always giving the effortless California cool t-shirt and jean uniform a fresh new spin (I must also give honorable mention to Ari and E).


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