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The New Entrepreneurs of HBO

How To Make It In America

I watch an insane amount of TV–probably five solid hours a day. I watch shows from the intense Nip/Tuck and Lost to the mindless Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Celebrity Rehab. This year, in particular, I have added some amazing shows to my schedule, including what I believe to be the best comedy on television: Modern Family and the very entertaining Glee. I am the type of person to read up on an upcoming premiere and watch it. I never start a series mid season and jump on a show bandwagon, just because other people are watching it. (Sorry 24 fans). I make sure I watch that premiere, and make my judgments for myself. This goes for great finds such as Jersey Shore, True Blood and Nurse Jackie and now I am hoping to add HBO’s latest How to Make It in America (already being acronym’d to HTMI) to my DVR.

Bryan Greenberg

How To Make It HBO

Critics are calling it “the Entourage” of the east coast, featuring a cool and eclectic group of guys including Bryan Greenberg (Ben), Victor Rasuk (Cam), American Pie Alum Edie Kay Thomas and hip-hop protégé Scot “Kid Cudi” Mescudi (Domingo). The pilot just aired this past Sunday and I think it’s going to be a hit. The story is basically about a group of talented 20 somethings trying to make it in the NYC art and fashion scene while each character struggles with personal demons (the fear of bumping into ex-girlfriends, being broke and a mob boss uncle). The show will follow Ben and Cam’s attempt at starting up a denim line while also focusing in on the characters’ pasts and futures.

Greenberg Rasuk HBO

How to Make it in America


I think the plot resonates with me (and hopefully many others), as I am also going through the struggles of a new venture and it’s not always as easy as Hollywood usually portrays it. This show has all the makings of being the next big hit on HBO because it’s funny and relatable. Check out the pilot before the first “official” episode airs this Sunday at 10.

HTMI Bootleg

The show is so hot it’s already been BOOTLEGGED!

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