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The Comics Pimp: Buffy and Angel

If you’re a huge Joss Whedon fan (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse), you’re probably devastated each and every time one of his shows gets canceled. The good news for fans, particularly considering how unceremoniously some of the series ended, is that Buffy and Angel live on!

At the end of the last season of Angel, the gang of evil bashers appears to meet its final end in a dark alley. Since that last episode of the fifth season, fans were outraged that the story had no satisfying conclusion, particularly since the cancellation was so unwarranted. (Check out the Angel Wiki for more info)

The good news is that Joss Whedon and other writers of the original series have resurrected season 6 of Angel, in the best format possible, from the graveyard of dead television shows. In Angel: After the Fall, Whedon and company explore what happens to our familiar and quirky characters. The setting is a post apocalyptic Los Angeles, where demons have free reign, and humanity is virtually extinct. Almost sounds like the real Los Angeles, doesn’t it?  The continuation is available in several formats, and it’s published by IDW.

After seven seasons, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s television end was not quite as devastating. In fact, I felt the show had seen its glory days, and ending after 7 seasons wasn’t such a bad idea. Yet I never realized how much I missed the show until I started reading Buffy Season 8, published by Dark Horse Comics. Whedon’s script is as sharp as the best Buffy episodes, and the art by Georges Jeanty and Andy Owens is fluid and perfectly paced. The characters look amazingly just like the actors who portrayed them. Don’t take my word for it, check out this free preview.

If you don’t think it’s possible to translate a TV show into comics, just remember that comics don’t have to contend with actors, advertisers, and budgets. Comics are restricted only by a creator’s imagination, and since we’re dealing with Joss Whedon’s mind, there really are no limits.

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