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The Comics Pimp – Good or Evil?

There are few concepts in superhero comics more common than hero versus villain, and good versus evil. The reader rarely has to question a character’s actions, and many classic villains and heroes behave predictably. Imagine my surprise after reading my first collections of Mark Waid’s new superhero comics.

In Irredeemable, writer Mark Waid takes his universe’s greatest hero, the Plutonian, and asks the question, “What would happen if the world’s greatest hero turned bad?” His answer is brilliant, as he demonstrates when the Plutonian levels cities, and turns on his former “heroic” teammates. While the story unfolds, we learn that few of the heroes in Irredeemable always behave heroically.

The Plutonian’s brutality is at times shocking, and just as we become comfortable with the idea that the former hero has become completely evil, something happens to make us ask, is the Plutonian truly irredeemable?

In Incorruptible, Mark Waid turns the tables on his villain, Max Damage, who after witnessing the Plutonian’s horrific crimes, finds that he must take a stand. The road to redemption is not easy for Max, but the former villain has a new mission, and he is convinced only he can stand against the Plutonian.

Peter Krause (Irredeemable), Jean Diaz and Marcio Takara (Incorruptible) handle the art for Mark Waid’s books. Though each has a distinctive style, both provide clean, crisp art that really lets Waid’s writing take center stage. For a preview of Irredeemable, click on this link. A preview of Incorruptible can be found here.

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