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The Color of Beauty

Yesterday was the online release of The Color of Beauty, a short documentary about racial discrimination within the fashion industry. Following model Renee Thompson, a black Jamaican-Canadian model trying to make it in the Big Apple, The Color of Beauty addresses many reasons as to why women of diversified cultural backgrounds are not embraced and revered in the fashion industry. Weighing in on the issue are fashion insiders Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television and Lisa Tant, editor-in-chief of FLARE Magazine just to name a few.

Having seen the film and being a casting director in the fashion industry still today, I felt I would like to go a bit more “in-depth” on the issue so stay tuned next week for my interviews with Renee (someone I have casted and worked with in the past) and director Elizabeth St. Philip.

Additionally Canadians can follow this unique online event via the NFB’s Facebook and Twitter pages and on partner sites including, Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and Engage BC (tbc) and others are engaging Canadians using films about racism online as never before.

To view the other short docs in this series go to:

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  1. Hi Tony thanks for sharing this. I will watch with great interest.
    Montreal Editor at FASHION magazine

  2. HHP Konstantin V says:

    Ladies, just give a bit time, market will change. Models with eyes of Avatar will be out of the market. Just be patient!

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