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Tavis Coburn Illustration

Tavis Coburn is a paragon of pulp. His boldly coloured images teem with Cracker Jack aesthetics and the delightful flair of nostalgia. Oh, and apparently “Googling [him] reveals that more than a quarter million people think his work is awesome” (his words, natch). So who is this guy?

Coburn is a Canadian illustrator. After graduating from California’s Art Center College of Design with a BFA in illustration, Coburn began working as an art director for companies in North America and Europe. He subsequently veered into film and television, creating motion graphics for big-name brands. And over the years, he’s also managed to rack up awards from the likes of The Society of Publication Designers and The Society of Illustrators. (They’re kind of Skull and Bones-style fraternities, but with less power and political intrigue and Mangog-worship in general. Oh, and they also like to doodle).

According to his official bio, Coburn’s unique stylings come by way of 1940s comics and the Russian avant-garde as well as “printed materials” from the 1950s and ’60s. A process of painting, digital design and silkscreening help him achieve a pulp aesthetic as authentic as the work of Salvatore Romano himself. And, by the looks of it, dude is doodling his way to the bank; Coburn counts big time brands like Footlocker and The Discovery Channel amongst his patronage, as well as even more well-known clients like, say, Time, Nike or Rolling Stone, for instance. Not bad for a homegrown art director.

Want one of Coburn’s prints? $150 and it’s yours. Or, you know, save yourself the time, energy and general clumsiness of UPS and just scroll down.

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