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Swedish Efficiency Meets Swedish Sculpture


It’s the funny thing about Tumblr: a photo can be sponged off a website and then tumbl’d down through all the tumblrs to eventually arrive square at yours. And by the time that photo manages to find you, it’s become an image completely dislodged from context and the poster has no idea where it originally came from.

Such was the case with Michael Johansson‘s sculpture for me. With his work, the Swedish-bred Johansson has served up a medley of Tetricism and “single serving” appliances, creating “assembly kits” of everyday objects. What that means in decipherable terms is that Johansson creates installation art from objects found at home, with an emphasis on organization and an obsession with compactability. Like this luggage, for instance:


Or how about a whole living room’s worth of affectations compacted to the size of a stool?:


Johansson’s work is a dose of eye candy laced with such efficiency and compactability that I’m sure you pegged him as a Swede long before I mentioned it. And like the Swedish corporo-King itself, Johansson has a fetishistic interest in build-your-own, too. Check out these DIY “appliances” to understand what I mean:



So, hey, if  you find yourself on Swedish shores sometime in the near future (or in Milan, for that matter), make sure to go see Johansson at one of his current or upcoming shows. If not, just savour these other pieces by him:




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  1. this is amazing!
    i definitely need this done to my closet!


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