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Summer’s Must-Read: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

For the summer, I have two must-haves: A margarita and a good book. The Help is a good book. No wait, make that a great book. Taking place in the early 60s in Mississippi, the novel is a tale of courage and inspiration. The book is written from the perspective of three women: Aibleen, an African-American maid caring for her umpteenth white child, who recently lost her own son, Minny, Aibleen’s sassy best friend, whose sharp tongue has made her lose yet another job until she is hired by a new woman in town who is unaware of her reputation, and Skeeter, the white heiress to a cotton fortune, whose love for a former maid inspires her to take on a project that will risk her and all the maids’ lives. Despite the obvious differences between them, these women join together to push the racial boundaries that dominate their lives. A story that is poignantly told and often wittily written, The Help is your must-read for summer 2010.

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