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South African Photography: Craig Fraser and Shack Chic

Continuing on with the amazing photography I got to see in South Africa, here’s Shack Chic: Art and Innovation in South African Shack-Lands, a coffee table book focusing on the homes of some of Cape Town’s poorest residents. Photographed by Craig Fraser, a renowned lifestyle photographer, the pictures show how creative and proud of their homes these Capetonians are.

It’s easy to see that Fraser, who’s photographed the luxurious homes and hotels of the world’s richest, sees his hometown as his biggest source of inspiration. And considering that the homes were left unstyled and that there was no studio lighting used, the vibrancy of the pictures reveals just how colourful South Africa’s urban landscape can be.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy, the book is published by Quivertree Publications and the ISBN is 0-620-28803-5.

All photographs property of Craig Fraser.

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