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South African Photography: Dave Robertson

When I went to South Africa this summer, I expected to find art that reflected the country’s beauty and tragic history, and I wasn’t disappointed. Everything I saw, be it the music, the literature or the art was inspired and amazing. But what struck me the most was the photography and how the pictures I saw showed more of South Africa’s history and people than a tourist like me could ever hope to encounter.

So for my next few posts, I’ll be introducing some South African photographers that I think brought something special and exciting to my attention.

First off: Dave Robertson, a self-taught fine art photographer working out of Cape Town.

Robertson describes his work as a form of social commentary and although his own photographs are stunning, he is best known for his series in which he adds hand-painted colour to black and white photos of township scenes. The series, which I fell in love with the minute I saw in postcard form, has been exhibited in galleries the world over and depicts the marginalized lifestyles of the people residing in townships.

Representing Robertson’s belief that “the addition of vibrant colour offered an antidote to what was often a dark and volatile period” in pre-democratic South Africa, the pictures show a hope and happiness that is infectious.

Stay tuned for more great South African photography!

All photographs the property of Dave Robertson

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