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Seripop Art Prints

This month I met up with Chloe Lum of Seripop at the Montreal studio she shares with partner Yannick Desranleau (and a couple dozen other creative people!) where the two were busily preparing for three upcoming shows.

Seripop art prints are distinctive for their detailed hand-drawn images and fonts combined with careful layering of colors. The pair have been producing three-dimensional screen-printed installations for several years now and this latest project, called Hording Skin, will be taking them to Brooklyn and Chicago in the U.S., and to Kunsthalle in Vienna, Austria.  This description of the project is from their website:
“We see the street poster as the “skin” of a city, growing and shedding organically, in constant flux, allowing citizens to make their temporary mark. With Hoarding Skin we seek to engage in playful discussion about both the individual and community’s role vis-à-vis freedom of expression within the urban landscape, via the colloquial and/or the monumental.”

Judging by the stacks of prints I saw during my visit, this installation will be using screenprinting on an architectural scale, covering walls and even the floor with their words and images.

Much of their work can be seen as a criticism of modern architecture and urban planning for its institutional and hands-off approach to public space. (To paraphrase the seminal anti-modernist text Learning From Las Vegas- you don’t paint on a Mies!) Not only do Seripop apply image to the surface of the architecture but the entire environment is constructed from it including ominous towers of folded screen-printed paper.

As an extra jab at modernism, the bespectacled face of the guru himself, Le Corbusier, will be part of the installation, decorating the floor of the environment. Whether you wipe your feet first before entering is entirely up to you!

Hoarding Skin will be opening April 10th at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn, and June 25th at the Kunsthalle in Vienna as part of the exhibition Street and Studio. From Basquiat to Seripop Details of the Chicago show t.b.a.

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