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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Batmen!

Who is Mary Elizabeth Winstead? She was on Brad Brevet’s list of the next big female movie star, has an Anglo-British sounding name that rolls off the tongue – tongue. I’ve never seen any of her movies. Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, going on its second week, introduces her as Ramona V. Flowers, Scott Pilgrim’s (Michael Cera) love interest, the girl with punky magenta hair and seven evil exes. And guess who has to fight those exes. In other words, imagine Adventureland with gumption.

Thankfully Winstead’s confidence shone through, who isn’t as mumblecore or coy like other actresses her age. She straddles wide-eyed youth and maturity and effortlessly blazes through a character like Ramona. Ramona the character reveals the pathos of experiencing things too young without shedding a single tear. I’m wishing the girl all the luck in the world and please please let her last forever!

I saw this as part of Edge 102′s sneak preview This movie’s probably dreamy-er than Inception. There are many close-ups in this movie, straight up ones as well as one those on either black or white screen. There’s also jarring editing in between shots that as Nicola Balkind says, is a faithful adaptation of the manga aesthetic. Adding to the comic book look of the film are the split screens, both horizontal and vertical, as well as captions in some corners of the shot, pixellated like those in earlier video games. Cera doesn’t oversell his kicks and punches, and he and the rest of the cast look like they trained the hell out of themselves for those fight scenes. Although as the movie continues, the fight scenes speed up and I as an audience member was starting to have doubts.

The movie also has Julie Powers (Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation fame). She and her potty mouth is one of the best things about the movie. But then I’m easily amused. Natalie/Envy Adams (Brie Larson from Hope and Faith), or whoever the voice was in Clash of the Demonhead, has a better voice that Emily Haines. But then Emily Haines can ‘woo-hoo’ better.

This movie’s a great representation of my beautiful adopted city, Toronto. Movie’s funny, go see it.

To put Scott Pilgrim in context as part of a tradition within the language of animated film and literature is a franchise that preceded it – Batman. The Toronto Underground Cinema is screening movies in said franchise, Batman ’89, Batman Forever, and other Batman films from August 20th to the 28th. Rumour has it that Adam West himself is gonna show up at the screening of Batman! at the 27th. Just kidding, it’s confirmed.

The Batman series are also a part of the neo-noir style, but if you want classic noir, the Bloor Cinema is showing The Night of the Hunter at the 26th. If you want a mix of class and…brass, the Fox Cinema at the east end is showing a double bill of Top Hat and Get Him to the Greek at the 24th. Cinematheque Ontario is technically closed for the season, but they’ll be screening Before Night Falls also at the 26th with an introduction from director Julian Schnabel.

For new releases, on its second week in Toronto and coming out at the 27th in Canadian cities is Mesrine, starring Vincent Cassel and his mustache. The American, starring George Clooney and a sleek sexy gun, is opening on September 1st. Lastly, Machete, referred to by my friend as ‘the movie with Lindsay Lohan in it,’ is coming out on September 3rd. So stoked!

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