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Saluting This Year’s Movies

For the past year I’ve been talking about movies with great visuals or ones with exceptionally complex characters. But here’s a super shortlist of three movies that stood out, that evokes something, that made me pay attention.

The Tree of Life – I haven’t been keeping up with the erudite criticism about Terrence Malick‘s new masterpiece but I’m probably the only douche who will talk about it in a sartorial sense. There’s something about the general fit of the clothes of her children, Jack (Hunter McCracken) and R.L. (Laramie Eppler). Neither are they wearing oversized clothes, the skinny jeans like kids do nowadays or the Kerropi stuff I endured when I was young. It’s the simplicity of these characters that evoke Malick’s vision of a bucolic time, no matter how complex their emotions are.

Beloved – I forgot to talk about this movie during my mini-coverage of TIFF this year but Christoph Honore‘s new and ambitious film has a glorious opening sequence showing Ludivigne Saignier in a shoe store in 1960′s Paris significant chunk where Chiara Mastroianni skinny silhouette groupie-ing within the 1990′s rock/punk scene in London.

Young Adult – Mavis Gary (Charlize Theron) goes to small town Mercury, Minnesota, trying to impress both her old flame back in high school (Patrick Wilson) and his wife. Diablo Cody’s new screenplay explores the two sides of the hyperfeminine within one person, her anti-heroine – the girl wearing sweats and the overdressed vixen. Her clothes, as well as her long minutes in front of the mirror, tell the story.

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