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“Continuing their quest to explore hidden, forgotten and abandoned places in urban environments around the world, heritage boot brand Palladium premieres their latest exploration, entitled “Detroit Lives” featuring Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville takes viewers on an off-the-beaten path exploration through the city, to discover if there’s more to Detroit than the scenes of destruction and abandonment that Detroit has become known for.”

This 3 part web series detail’s the negative picture that Detroit has been painted with over the past decade. Choosing to show its strengths rather than its weaknesses, its opportunity rather than despair, each webisode offers us insight to what was and still is still known as the Motor City.

Ripe with opportunity, locals talk about the city as a blank canvas, an entrepreneurs dream. An although their is a self admitted physical emptiness, it does not vindicate the pick and choose journalism that has over the past decade so negatively depicted the city built by cars and rock’n'roll.

Enjoy part 1 of the amazing movie web series… and head off to Palladium Boot’s website to watch part 2 and 3 and to catch up on their new Fall 2010 collection of boots.

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