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Oscars Top 10

Inglorious Bastards

So I’m gonna be a good boy and actually do more of the Oscar movie thing. I’ve done most of my duty (“The Hurt Locker,” “Basterds,” “Avatar,” etc), and the last few days are gonna be the last leg of of the marathon. By the time I’m writing this, there’s only a day left until the big show, nine films on my list and like one or two rep theater events that I already bought tickets for. Which means OH NO some movies are gonna be left out!

Here’s the list, and please Lord help me stick to this list, and in this order:

The Messenger Poster

“The Messenger” – it’s gravitas, just the way I like it. I want to see the Iraq War genre flourish after four million failed jump starts. Plus, the underrated Samantha Morton is in this and I liked her in “Synecdoche, New York.”

Fantastic Mr. Fox

“The Fantastic Mr. Fox” – I’ve put this off because I wasn’t always in the mood for kid flicks, and this was in early December. I hope this movie will make me feel good about the world.

Crazy Heart

“Crazy Heart” – Guest appearances include Robert Duvall and Colin Farrell. Will the latter put on a Southern accent? Will Jeff Bridges’ Bad Blake leave Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character for…me?

“The Lovely Bones” – Fell in love with the trailer since it reminds me of “Heavenly Creatures,” but I have reservations now. And I have to read the book, third in line to others I’ve borrowed from friends. Uggh.

“Young Victoria” – I love period flicks, but they’ve been churning out period movies for young women since Cate Blanchett in “Elizabeth.” It’s the perfect vehicle for an ingenue to shine. Emily Blunt was good in “Summer of Love,” but she’s one of those ubiquitous faces whose work I’ve barely seen.

“The Last Station” – The trailer includes Helen Mirren breaking plates, which is awesome by the way. But I can’t now since I wanna see how good this movie is.

“The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” – My friends have been nice about this movie and I hope it’s as good as they say. And Lily Cole! I always want model-actresses to triumph.

“Invictus” – I’m worried because this one looks a bit formulaic. People who know me personally will know of what I said about the movie, and I’ll whisper it in your sleep.

The Blind Side

“Blind Side” – It’s my little secret that I’ve seen Sandra Bullock be a good actress in “28 Days” and “Crash,” and that I’m kinda pissed that her nomination revealed that secret to everyone now.

I hope I didn’t sound bitchy. I was cynical for movies like Bright Star and Avatar, and I saw tours de force while watching both. Wish me luck!’

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