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New York Armory Show

A friend of mine recently returned from the New York Armory Show, bright eyed from seeing so much great stuff.  For this installment I thought I would share a couple of the artists she was so excited about.

Susan Collis makes work so subtle that it would be easy to miss. Her gallery shows look like they have already been uninstalled with just a bit of debris left in the space, but actually those leftovers are the work. On closer inspection, everything that looks left-over in the gallery has actually been painstakingly created by the artist using rare and precious materials.

The screws left in the wall are actually made of white and yellow gold or silver and inlaid with precious stones such as diamonds. The drywall insets are also made of carved gemstones. Brooms and ladders are encrusted with gems and “stained” with mother-of-pearl.

Collis also does incredibly detailed and time-consuming work by hand, such as embroidering stains onto work clothes to make them look used, or this hand-drawn and colored reproduction of a generic shopping bag.

Unlike Susan Collis, the work of Jon Pylypchuk is hard is hard to miss. I first saw some of his awkward and funny characters at a recent show here in Montreal.  They look like something out of a cartoon, but then you see the hardware store or thrift shop materials and it brings them back into the real world. Working in both painting and sculpture, there is something tragic about these recent characters that light up, but are tied to the wall by their electrical cords.

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