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Message is the Medium

Lisa Rovner and Alice Heart are creative directors represented by Art Director Management in Paris. The duo specializes in video campaigns for the web, offering “full service from creative to media delivery.” Their latest project, Message is the Medium, brings together visuals from the likes of Godard and Guy Bordin to the tunes of Grizzly Bear, Fuck Buttons and, shit, Phil Collins, all in an effort to capture the timeless essences of various high-end and stylish brands.

The pair put together collages of vintage and classic videos with music that is in no way ordinarily associated with the imagery. The goal, then, is to hock shit for brands brave enough to test their unorthodox advertising methods. To hear them say it though, you’d think we were dealing with something revolutionary (and not just a meme).

“Message is the Medium is marching back into the future; Message is the Medium is contradicting the aesthetic conformity of the new; Message is the Medium is creative observation and creative viewing; Message is the Medium is remaking the world of advertising in the language of our times,” Rovner and Heart say.

Now, exactly how this has precipitated profit in the advertising industry is a bit of a mystery to me, but the two have been working hard as hell (and quite successfully I might add) to shop their copy to New York Times Style Magazine, Levi’s and H&M. Not to mention their slightly (or overtly) NSFW creations for Agent Provocateur and Chanel for its Coco Mademoiselle Perfume. The two have even garnered interest from Interview Magazine, who spoke to the pair about Message is the Medium last autumn.

The title of the project, Message is the Medium, of course, references cultural theorist Marshall McLuhan’s 1967 study “The Medium is the Message: An Inventory of Effects,” which argued that the message of a given medium is embedded in the media itself. Truth be told, though, the two actually stole the inverted phrase, “The Message is the Medium” from Yoko Ono, who rebutted McLuhan’s canonized, esoteric and, frankly, kind of whack conclusions.

…On second thought, maybe they aren’t so whack. After all, you are reading about this artwork-cum-advertising-cum-blog post-cum-inevitable tweet on a style blog. So I guess the medium really has dictated the message, allowing us to collate and assess and rid ourselves of pieces of culture depending on ever-shifting trends and buzz. Ah, well.

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