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Luke Chueh: Big, Bold and Unabashed

I like great art. I like art that means something, that’s colourful and that makes an impact when you see it. And Luke Chueh, an artist known for his amazing pop surrealist paintings, manages to bring all that and more to the table. 

Living in California, Chueh has worked as a designer, illustrator and artist, and has even served as a coordinator for the Cannibal Flower Art Gallery and Performance Space, an underground, Los Angeles-based venue showcasing art in a variety of media.

Chueh uses acrylic and ink paintings of toy-inspired animal figures to communicate what he thinks of the human experience, balancing “cute” with “brute” to beautifully demonstrate the irony of everyday life.

His work has been used for everything from vinyl figurines to skateboards, posters to laptop decals. Did you see Fall Out Boy’s 2008 CD Cover? That was Chueh. He’s an active member of the DeviantArt community, and he’s been featured in galleries all over the world, including in our very own Montreal.

With his stylized, boldly coloured and provocative art, Luke Chueh is truly a force to be reckoned with, and I for one hope to see him back in Montreal soon.

Catch up with Luke Chueh’s latest work on Twitter and Facebook.

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