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Jill Greenberg Photography

Holy shit, why am I only finding about Jill Greenberg now?!

So maybe I’m the last person on earth to see her work, but I’m seriously enthralled by her surrealistic eye. The Montreal-born photographer is notable for her hyper-realistic shots of animals, celebrities and crying babies (not to mention a political brouhaha involving John McCain that got her in hot water in September of 2008). She’s also found serious commercial success shooting for the likes of Time, New York Magazine, Harper’s and The New Yorker.

Greenberg’s portraits capture life in a way that it was never meant to be shown. In the case of animals, this means turning wild animals and beasts of burden into something that looks uncannily human.

By dressing this chimp up in a shirt, for instance, she’s made him resemble his closest living relative: Man.

Her series of photographs, “End Times,” on the other hand, depicts babies bawling at the loss of candy or toys (which, incidentally, Greenberg gave to them only to snatch away and then taunt them with). Hyper-real, highly stylized and fully photoshopped images let the world see crying babies exactly how every time-starved non-parent on the metro during  rush hour does: As total monsters.

I’ll leave you with her latest series, “Glass Ceiling.” The monochromatic dreamscape takes Greenberg’s surrealistic style to whole new lengths, revealing a world of turquoise and corals and all shades of neon. Enjoy!

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