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Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins MARMCO


Last month I wrote about the Toronto Art Fair. Daniel Borins + Jennifer Marman are a Toronto duo I almost included in that blog, until I realized they warranted an entry all to themselves, and made the trip back to Toronto again this month, in part to attend their book launch at the Georgia Sherman Projects gallery.

Jennifer Marman

The team is better known in Toronto due to some of their public artworks, such as In Sit You at the Toronto Sculpture Garden, featuring a revolving striped billboard and matching bench from which to watch it, or their involvement with the 2008 Nuit Blanche titled Event Horizon, an event that culminated in PiETa, a multi-religious icon featuring E.T. and Yoda.


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One thing that sets their work apart is this sense of humour that pops up in much of what they do, undermining the seriousness of some of the modernist phenomenon to which they reference. Pop culture, and particularly retro sci-fi seems to be a favoured theme of theirs, such as a photograph in which Planet of the Apes meets 2001 A Space Odyssey, but they also explore contemporary art world practices, or mid-century art, architecture, and film.

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

Marman + Borins gained wider notoriety after being featured in this years Canadian Art magazine Ten To Watch issue. This accolade was in part due to an installation held earlier this year at the Art Gallery of York University titled Project For A New American Century, and for the book that was being launched earlier this month.

Marman and Borins

The show included a large-scale architectural work that was part prison cell and part brutalist concrete building. Inside was a cacophony of hard-edged painting and minimalist objects referencing both sixties art practice and an earlier wartime incident in which prison cells similar to this were actually used to disorient the prisoners.

Marmco Toronto

In an adjoining room is a collection of objects that are possibly geometric architectural elements, or a collection of minimalist art pieces, that are presented alongside a series of abstract paintings that refer back to the first room. This play between visual seduction of image and surface, with banality of material and ambiguity of situation is what I find most interesting in their work.

Marmco toronto

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