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Hope Gangloff: Art Star


Bottom of the bottle PBR drops, Lavalife ads, and Chinese food delivered by Mexicans – such items make up the daily goings-on of most twenty-somethings.

Few, though, have been able to depict this life-style so beautifully as Hope Gangloff. The illustrator has devoted herself to capturing the minutiae of life in a New York minute, but if it is Hope’s own life that influences her art, then she’s been living on the dark side of a Girls music video for some time now.  Gangloff’s work focuses on the L.E.S.’s curvy, licentious, not-so-sober beauties and the fashionably-scruffy dudes who chaperon them. Along the way, Gangloff has managed to somehow distill the trivialities of her twenties into her small drawings, highlighting forgettable familiarities like faded club stamps and modern art pieces. As they say, God is in the details.




Form mimics content in Gangloff’s pulpy, pointillist drawings which, like the painted tips of Tyra’s fingers, are made of ink and acryllic. And really, pen seems the perfect medium for her work, giving the impression that Gangloff’s pictures are some found portraits of high-class lowlifes that had been scribbled on some old printer paper ages ago. Even so, her art has been getting some serious attention lately, being exhibited at the Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles,Endemica Gallery in Rome, and at The Armory Show in New York.


If you fancy these selections, consider checking out Gangloff’s work currently on display at The Susan Inglett Gallery located at 522 West 24th St., New York, until November 25th.  They’re worth a look.

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  1. really awesome
    do you know which medium is used?


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